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Pet Visitors

Visiting with animals touches people’s hearts in a wonderful and unique way, reducing feelings of loneliness and depression and increasing their sense of peacefulness and ease. Animal visitors offer unconditional love, a welcomed change from routine, and comfort.

What is the Pet Visitor Program?

Specially trained Pet Visitor Volunteers visit hospital rooms and medical center public spaces with trained and documented dogs to offer comfort, connection, love and joy to those who wish a visit.

What are the benefits to health and wellbeing?

Studies have shown both physical and psychological effects of pet visits including lowered blood pressure, reduced pain and depression, increased happiness, and motivation to get better.

Are the dogs trained and clean?

Each dog in the Pet Visitor program is lovingly bathed and groomed before making visits. They maintain current immunizations and documents, and are specially trained in social behavior with humans in accordance with nationally recognized criteria.

How do I request a visit for myself, a loved one, or a member?

To request a visit, please contact Spiritual Care Services in Fremont at 510-248-7095 or in San Leandro at 510-454-4716. Pet Visitors will maintain a regular weekly schedule and will also be making regular rounds to patient units.