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Exercise: A Good Move for Your Health

Tools such as HealthMedia, and our Eat well, be active, live better healthy habits pages will help you get started, and help you stay motivated.

Stay Active! fitness resources


Fitness and Flexibility classes & resources

Your path to good health may take you many places—your doctor’s office, a fitness class, a health food store, maybe even a bike trail near your home. Ultimately the path leads to a healthier, happier you.  Read more to find exercise, fitness & flexibility classes in our area.


Eat Well. Be Active. Live Better.

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Burn It Off! How many calories are you burning with the physical activity you are doing?

A person’s weight largely is a result of the balance between, or differences between, the amount of energy in (number of calories you put into your body) and energy out (calories burned through physical activity).

Interactive Tool: How many calories did you burn?


Get Moving – Keep Moving. Do what you love.

It’s always a good time to start a fitness routine — or change one that’s not working for you anymore. Whether you’ve set a new goal to live a more active life or you’re trying to stay motivated, the key is finding activities you love. When you love what you’re doing, you’re more likely to make time for it, no matter how busy you get.


How to Fit Physical Activity into a Busy Day

You don’t need to go to the gym to reap the health benefits of physical activity. The key is to get more movement into your everyday life. Read here for tips.


The Fitness Formula

Aerobic, strengthening, flexibility, and balance are the four components of fitness. Learn why all four are important, the benefits of each, and some examples.



•Map My Run – Map your running routes. Find runs. Runner social network.
•Map My Ride – Map your cycling routes automatically with a GPS. Join a cycling social network. Find new rides and log your training.