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Exercise: A Good Move for Your Health

Fitness & Flexibility classes

Your path to good health may take you many places—your doctor’s office, a fitness class, a health food store, maybe even a bike trail near your home. Ultimately the path leads to a healthier, happier you.  Read more to find exercise, fitness & flexibility classes in our area.


This online program includes access to iPod™-enabled exercise videos, goal-tracking tools including the Step by Step™ pedometer program, and a recipe library. Start Balance Now

Exercise Podcasts

7 Ways to Beat Exercise Boredom

Everyone gets bored sometimes, but if you makeover your workout by keeping it fresh and adding variety, you’ll give yourself a better chance that you’ll stick with your routine. Read More

Burn It Off! Fitness Calculator

Use this widget to see how much exercise or activity you need in order to burn off the calories from certain foods. Download the Fitness Calculator Widget Now

The Fitness Formula

Aerobic, strengthening and flexibility make up the three main components of fitness. Learn about the various activities in each area. Read More

 Fitness Radio

Tune in to Kaiser Permanente’s online fitness radio station for some upbeat tunes anytime.

Health Coach: Let’s Get Physical Video Coaching

Video coaching sessions and downloadable materials. Learn essential skills to change your behavior and help you stay on track. Sign up for SMART Exercising now. Member User ID required.

kp.org: Fitness & Exercise Get-Fit Toolkit

Learn about fitness and get tips to help you get enough physical activity. Use our exercise videos and other tools. Read More


  • Map My Run – Map your running routes. Find runs. Runner social network.
  • Map My Ride – Map your cycling routes automatically with a GPS. Join a cycling social network. Find new rides and log your training.