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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have summer CPE or residency?

Our CPE program is only extended units. Our part-time (extended) units are typically scheduled to begin January – June and August – December, with a 20-25 hour/week schedule (evening and weekend hours included).

What levels of CPE do you offer?

Our CPE program offers Level 1 and Level 2 CPE and has Level 2 specializations in Palliative Care, Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care, Orthopedic Care, and Cardiac Care. There may be other options for specialization in the future or in consultation with the ACPE Certified Educator.  Our program is designed so that one could get all four units of CPE needed for Board Certification in our center over the course of two years.

If I am already working as an uncertified chaplain or in another form of ministry and want CPE to get certified, can I use my current place of service for my clinical hours?

No, unfortunately you would need to use Kaiser San Leandro Hospital or Kaiser Fremont Hospital for all of your clinical hours.

What are the costs associated with the CPE program?

Application fee, due when applying: $25.00
Acceptance fee, due when accepting offer for first unit of CPE: $100.00
Unit Fee, due first month of program: First unit $400.00, Subsequent units $500.00

Is there a stipend or scholarship for your CPE program?

No, unfortunately there is no stipend or scholarships available.

Can I do CPE through distance learning?

No, you must be present for classes and must complete your patient care at the sites mentioned above.

What is the time frame for applying for the program?

Applications for a unit beginning in January must be received by the end of October and applications for a unit beginning in August must be received by the end of May. We start to accept and review applications six months prior to the start of the unit.

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact the ACPE Certified Educator for the program:

Rev. Carrie L. Buckner
2500 Merced Street, San Leandro, CA 94577
Office Phone: 510-454-4718