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Items for Sale

In the Department of Health Education, we carry many items for sale that can help you to stay healthy. All of the items for sale may be purchased by visiting one of our three Health Education centers, however we are unable to provide shipping for any of the materials in stock.

Earthquake Safety Kits

When the Earthquake happens…it won’t be Hayward’s “Fault”…if you’re not prepared
Earthquake safety products are available at special prices at the Kaiser Health Education Centers in Fremont, Hayward & Union City.

3 Day Disaster Kits

1 Person / 2 Person – 3 day disaster care kits that come packaged in its own nylon case that contains supplies to take care of yourself for 3 days.

  • Emergency food (2400-calorie food bar)
  • Drinking Water (6 servings)
  • Solar Blanket
  • Body Warmer
  • Light-Stick
  • Hygiene supplies (Toothbrush, toothpaste, Freshette towelettes)
  • First Aid supplies
  • Notepad with pencil
  • Whistle
  • Disposa-John Portable Restroom Kit
  • Brief relief pouch
  • Spring Load Punch
  • Emergency rain poncho

2400 Calorie Datrex Emergency Survival Food Ration

Ready–to–eat, non–perishable, non–thirst–provoking Datrex emergency food bars are an important source of energy in any emergency. Compact and lightweight, these disaster rations are made with all natural ingredients and contains no preservatives.

Datrex Water Packets

Packaged in extremely durable, compact and lightweight, easy–to–open pouches, our emergency water rations provide important portion control for groups or individuals in an extended emergency: 8oz

4-in-1 Radio Light

This item never needs batteries

  • 1 minute of cranking provides 90 minutes lighting for 1 LED
  • Handheld battery free dynamo flashlight
  • FM auto scan radio with earphone port
  • Use 1 or 3 white extra bright LED
  • Features alarm & cell phone charger
  • Batteries included; 6V, 80mAh, rechargeable

Mobility assistance

We carry many items to assist you with mobility issues , such as:

Shoe Horn Reacher

Made of high quality aluminum and durable plastic to provide years of use and reliability. Designed for picking up objects for people with limited reach and is easy to use for slipping on shoes without straining your back. Aids individuals who have difficulty bending or reaching.

Sock aid

Socks or stockings are drawn over the flexible plastic core. For additional help in reaching, attach socks to garters on the aid and insert foot. Measures 4″W x 10-1/2″L. Rope 25″.

Ergonomic Handle Sponges

Lightweight 3.5 oz.  foam sponges, with an antibacterial agent. Choose round or contour. Handles feature a built-up ergo grip. For something with a bit more reach, choose handles bent at a 90° angle—ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. 27″L. Latex free.

 Sammons Preston Reachers

High-quality, durable aluminum is extremely lightweight. Designed for picking up objects, the reacher’s serrated highly visible yellow jaw and flexible foam rubber tip conform to the contours of any object, working together to ensure a firm, secure grip. Hands remain comfortable on the ergonomically designed trigger-action handle. Standard model in 26″ or 32″ lengths, or choose the 26″ folding reacher for portability. Standard and long models feature a pulling lug that helps draw items toward the user. All models have a magnetic tip to retrieve small metal objects. Jaws open to 3″ wide. Holds 1 lb. or less. Latex free. Also available with a super strong magnet.