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Pregnancy and New baby

Online Prenatal Classes

Having a baby is unlike any other experience. Whether you’re a first-time parent or you are growing your family, pregnancy is an exciting and challenging time. Expectant parents who take our prenatal classes learn what they need to know to be well prepared for their birthing experience and life with a new baby.

Kaiser Permanente Southern Alameda County offers the following prenatal classes online.

Pregnant parents need to register for all classes (except Baby and Me). Partner or support person is welcome at all prenatal classes.

If you need more information or would like to register for a prenatal class or the Labor & Delivery Unit online Question and Answer session, please contact one of our Healthy Living Centers: 510-248-3455 Fremont; 510-454-4531 San Leandro; 510-675-4531 Union City

Breastfeeding Class (online)

Learn what to expect in the early weeks of breastfeeding, comfortable ways to position baby, and resources for support and success.
One 2-hour session. No fee. Open to the community.

Newborn Care Class (online)

Learn about newborn appearance, behavior, signs of illness, infant safety, and learn baby care skills.
One 2-hour session. No fee. Members only.

Childbirth Preparation Class (online)

Learn about the natural process of labor and birth, explore options for coping with labor, like relaxation and massage, and learn about medical procedures and medications for labor. Two 2½ -hour sessions.
No fee for members. $150 per couple for non-members.

Preparing for Postpartum Class (online)

Learn about the physical and emotional changes to expect after delivery and discuss strategies to adjust to life with a newborn.
One 2-hour session. No fee. Members only.

Birth and Beyond (Labor & Delivery online information class)

Have your questions about the Labor and Delivery Unit in San Leandro answered: where to park, where to go, phone number to call, current policies, etc.
One 1-hour session. No fee. Members only.

Meet Your Baby’s Future Pediatrician

Schedule a meeting with your baby’s future pediatrician before the birth of your baby. First choose a pediatrician by visiting kp.org/mydoctor and searching for Pediatrics specialty at your preferred facility. Then, call to schedule a visit:
Fremont Pediatricians:   510-248-3437
Hayward & San Leandro Pediatricians: 510-784-4955
Note: The pediatrician will be officially assigned until after baby is born.

You can also ask your OBGYN provider to send a referral to Pediatrics for this purpose.

Resources for New Parents

Lactation Appointments
Schedule a telephone or in-person appointment with a lactation expert to address breastfeeding challenges.
Fremont Pediatrics:   510- 248- 3050
Hayward Pediatrics:   510- 675- 4050
San Leandro Pediatrics:   510- 454- 4050

Baby & Me Groups (online)

Attend a weekly drop-in group facilitated by a lactation specialist. Talk about breastfeeding, sleeping, crying, adjusting to parenthood and more. Partners/ support person and healthy babies can attend. No fee. Open to the community. Groups meet online on most* days as follows:
San Leandro Medical Center group
Tuesdays 10:30am- noon
Fremont Medical Center group
Wednesdays 10:30am- noon
*Check class calendars online for specific dates for Baby & Me Groups. Parents can attend any site group.

Please contact one of our Healthy Living Centers: 510-248-3455 Fremont; 510-454-4531 San Leandro; 510-675-4531 Union City to obtain the link to the class.

La Leche League Meetings

Monthly discussion group with nursing parents. Talk about birth and your baby’s first weeks, the art of breastfeeding, overcoming breastfeeding challenges, and more. Healthy babies are welcome. Pregnant women are welcome, too. Visit www.llli.org or www.lllusa.org for information.