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As a Kaiser Permanente member, you get more than just a health plan.
We deliver top doctors, personalized care, and the services you need.
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Individual &
Family Plans

Get the care and coverage you need for you and your family.

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Kaiser Permanente participates
in Medicaid/Medi-Cal.
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Medicare Plans

Learn about our Medicare health plans and how they can help you stay healthier, longer.

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Covered Through
Your Employer

Talk to your employer about the health care benefits offered to you, and how Kaiser Permanente can give you the high-quality care and coverage you want.

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Small Business Plans

Choose a health care partner that helps your business thrive.

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Kaiser Permanente provides health care coverage to low income individuals and families who don’t have access to other public or private health coverage.

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Care and Coverage Success Stories

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Superb Care Under One Roof

“I’ve been a member of Kaiser Permanente for 35 years because: I LIKE having innumerable, highly competent health care professionals available to help me; I LIKE going to usually just one, sometimes two, facilities to receive all my care… I LIKE that one phone call usually is all that’s required to take care of more than one health issue. —thank you, Kaiser Permanente!!”

—Member, Longview-Kelso, August 1, 2013

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