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There are many ways to live healthy. And when you’re a Kaiser Permanente member, many people work together to help you stay that way. Your doctor, specialists, and health plan are all part of one connected team — coordinating your care seamlessly so you don’t have to. It’s how we do things faster, easier, and better — and help you live healthy, your way.

Specialty care you can trust

We work hard to keep you healthy. But if you do get sick, our care teams work even harder to help you get well. Collaborating across specialties enables quicker diagnoses, more efficient treatment, and faster recoveries — and most importantly, better outcomes.

Maternity care for healthy beginnings

With highly trained doctors and midwives, family birth rooms, and support for breastfeeding and bonding, you’ll have everything your baby needs for a healthy start in life. And we’ll help you feel supported, empowered, and prepared.

Hope and support for depression

Mental health and wellness — care for the mind, body, and spirit

Members with mental, emotional, and addiction issues can access a broad range of care options. If you need treatment, we’ll work together to create a care plan based on your unique needs and goals.

Thriving communities

Everyone deserves the chance to thrive. That’s why Kaiser Permanente supports innovative efforts to improve community health — from bringing healthy foods into schools, to co-designing community spaces for physical activity, to working with policymakers to help make health care more accessible.

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We’ve got you covered in Northern California with access to 8,000 doctors, 21 medical centers, and 237 medical offices.

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We’ve got you covered in Southern California with access to 6,000 doctors, 14 medical centers, and 209 medical offices.

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With 31 medical offices and a wide network of primary care doctors and specialists in Colorado, you won't have to travel far to get high-quality, hassle-free Kaiser Permanente care close to where you work and live.

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We’ve got you covered in Georgia with access to a wide network of primary care doctors and specialists, and 26 medical offices.

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We’ve got you covered in Hawaii with access to 575 doctors, 1 medical center, and 26 medical offices.

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We’ve got you covered in the Mid-Atlantic with access to 1,500 doctors and 30 locations.

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We’ve got you covered in the Northwest with access to more than 1,400 doctors, 35 medical facilities, and 18 dental offices.

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