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What to Expect in CPE

What to Expect in CPE at Kaiser Permanente San Leandro

  • All units of CPE at Kaiser San Leandro are extended units where one unit of CPE is completed in 6 months with evening or week-end classes and a variety of schedule options to address student and hospital needs
  • Time commitment is around 20 hours each week with a four hour class each week, twelve hours of scheduled patient care hours, three to four hours for completion of assignments, bi-weekly individual supervision, and on-call week-end shifts 6-8 times during the unit.
  • Work with chaplains and other staff to address the spiritual needs of patients in a timely manner
  • A curriculum design to address spiritual care in a diverse and changing environment with distinct curriculum for initial CPE and for those seeking certification by completing four units.
  • A diverse patient population, staff population and peer group to facilitate understanding and appreciation for many kinds of diversity
  • Use of Compassionate Communication tools to enhance spiritual service and interpersonal and professional communication skills and conflict resolution.