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Well Care and Sports Physicals

Well care visits for children and adolescents are recommended for the following ages:

Note: If you or your pediatric provider feel that there are significant issues for concern with your child or teenager, there may be more frequent well care visits scheduled.

Birth to 2 Years Old

* Within 1st Week After Birth
* 2-4 Weeks old
* 2 Months Old
* 4 Months Old
* 6 Months Old
* 12 Months Old
* 18 Months Old
* 2 Years Old

Important: For older children, well care visits are strongly encouraged to be scheduled between the months of April through October. This will help to minimize exposure of healthy children to children with illnesses during wintertime.

3 to 5 Years Old

* Once Yearly (between April through October)

Please note that Kindergarten physicals should be scheduled no earlier than 6 months prior to the beginning of the school year in order to fulfill school district requirements.]

6 to 11 Years Old

* Once Every 2 Years (between April through October)

12 to 18 Years Old

* Once Every 1-2 Years (between April through October)

Sports Physicals

(between April through October)

* Once Every 1-2 Years as Required (by school district, league, or camp)

Note: Well care visits/sports physicals done within 1-2 years of specific sport participation will serve to fulfill physical requirements. Your provider will be happy to fill out the required sports physical forms at your request!