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Quit Tobacco & e-Cig

Class Enrollment via Phone or Email

To register for a class, please call 650-299-2433 or email HealthEducation.RedwoodCity@kp.org.

Clinical Health Educator Appointment

Meet one-on-one with a Clinical Health Educator (CHE) to develop a quit plan, identify triggers, and learn about medications that can help lower your cravings and lessen your withdrawal symptoms. Available en español.

Sessions: Video visit or telephone appointments; No cost for members, members only.

Wellness Coaching by Phone

Would you like to achieve a healthy weight, quit tobacco, lower your stress, move more, or eat healthier? Talk with a specially trained wellness coach to build your motivation and take action. Together, you will create a customized plan for change. Available in Español.

Visit kp.org/wellnesscoaching to book online or call (866) 251-4514.

Sessions: Telephone appointments; No cost for members, members only.

Quit Tobacco Medications

Access this online video to learn about medications that can help you quit and cope with withdrawal symptoms.

Talk to your physician regarding over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapies that are available at no cost to members with a prescription.

Visit: kpdoc.org/tobaccomedications

Healthmedia®breathe®: Quit Smoking Program

This award-winning program gives you a personalized quit plan to decrease dependency, manage withdrawal, and handle cravings. Once you complete the questionnaire, you’ll receive a guide tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

Visit: kp.org/healthylifestyle and sign in with your kp.org account to access this program. You can also visit     kpdoc.org/quittingtobacco for other online tools to help you quit and remain tobacco-free.

Podcasts to Quit Smoking

Listen to this meditation to support motivation and self-control in your quest to quit smoking.

Visit: kp.org/listen to access the audio meditation.

California Smoker’s Telephone Helpline for Tobacco and E-Cig/Vaping

Free telephone counseling, self-help materials, and online help in six languages to quit smoking and e-cigarettes. The California Smokers’ Helpline operates by the Moores UCSD Cancer Center and affiliates with the Center for Tobacco Cessation.

Visit: kickitca.org or call 1-800-662-8887 for cigarette cessation.

For vaping cessation services visit kickitca.org/quit-vaping or call 1-844-8-NO-VAPE.

E-Cig/Vaping Help for Teens and Adults

Visit the resources below to find additional information, online support, texting services, and confidential telephone counseling to help you quit e-cigarettes/vaping.