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Class Enrollment via Phone or Email

To register for a class, please call 650-299-2433 or email HealthEducation.RedwoodCity@kp.org.

Stress can lead to improved health and productivity – or it can lead to anxiety, depression, obesity, immune dysfunction and more. Helping patients recognize negative stress responses, identify coping mechanisms and reduction techniques leads to improved wellbeing. 

Managing Your Stress Online 

Enjoy life more. Emotions, thoughts, and behaviors can affect your health. Learn to recognize the sources of stress in your life, manage stress-related symptoms and illnesses, develop healthy lifestyle habits, and improve self-care.

Sessions: Six 2-hour sessions; No cost for members, members only.

Wellness Coaching by Phone 

Would you like to lower your stress, improve sleep, achieve a healthy weight, quit tobacco, move more, or eat healthier? Schedule a telephone appointment with a wellness coach to build your motivation and take action. Together, you’ll create a customized plan for change. Available in Español. 

Sessions: Telephone appointments; No cost for members, members only. 

Available: Book online at kp.org/mydoctor/wellnesscoaching or call (866) 251-4514.

 Self-Care Apps 

Use the Calm and myStrength Apps to manage stress, reduce anxiety, sleep better, and improve awareness with guided meditations, coping tools, and interactive activities. Available at no cost for members.  

Visit: kp.org/selfcareapps. Register using your kp.org user name and password. 

Use the ClassPass App to help you stay active and fit with on-demand video workouts at no cost for members and reduced rates for livestream classes. 

Visit: kp.org/health-wellness to stay active and fit (fitness deals). Register using your kp.org user name and password. 



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