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Life Care Planning

Class Enrollment via Phone or Email

To register for a class, please call 650-299-2433 or email HealthEducation.RedwoodCity@kp.org.

Life Care Planning Class (virtual class only)

Life Care Planning begins with choosing someone to speak for you in the unforeseen event that you are unable to communicate for yourself. At Kaiser Permanente, we believe all adult members should designate a health care agent and complete a basic Advance Directive so your family, physicians, and others are able to honor your choices. We recommend that you bring the person you think will be your health care agent or other family members to the class with you.

Pick up a copy of the Life Care Planning form from your Primary Care Provider or download at kp.org/lifecareplan.

* KP Advanced Health Care Directive: English | Spanish | Chinese

* What is Life Care Planning: English | Spanish | Chinese

Sessions: One 1.5-hour online session; No most for members, members only.