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Diabetes and Heart Health Programs

Class Enrollment via Phone or Email

To register for a class, please call 650-299-2433 or email HealthEducation.RedwoodCity@kp.org.

Prediabetes Online

Join an instructor-led class right from your own computer. This interactive program will give you the information and tools to create your own personal plan to prevent diabetes. To participate, you will need a computer, internet connection, and a phone (landline or cell phone). This class is eligible for adults (ages 18+).

Sessions: One 2-hour session; No cost for members, members only.

Diabetes Basics Online

You can feel better and be active and healthy when you apply the basics of managing your Type 2 diabetes. In this class, we give you an overview of the five key areas of Type 2 diabetes management: healthy eating, exercise, monitoring your blood sugar levels, proper use of medication, and managing your stress. Please bring your glucometer to class. Available in Español.

Sessions: One 2-hour session (includes 1-hour lesson on how to use your meter device); No cost for members, members only.

Healthy Eating with Diabetes Online

Feel better and eat better with diabetes. In this class, you will get tips on planning meals, counting carbohydrates, and reading food labels. Learn new ways to prepare your favorite foods and how to enjoy eating out healthfully. With smart planning and balanced choices, eating well can still taste great. Available in Español.

Sessions: One 2-hour session; No cost for members, members only.

Clinical Health Educator Appointment

Meet one-on-one with a Clinical Health Educator (CHE) to develop an action plan to integrate healthy choices into your life. Our CHEs provide general diabetes education, in-person glucometer teaching, a heart-healthy diet, and guidance in improving your overall health. Available in Español.

Sessions: Video visit or telephone appointments; No cost for members, members only.