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Spine Clinic

Your doctor or therapist may refer you to the Spine Clinic for assistance in diagnosing and treating a back or neck problem. We offer evaluation by doctors specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (physiatrists) who have had additional training in the treatment of spinal disorders. We base our recommendations on your individual circumstance, and have access to the full range of treatment modalities, including physical therapy, medications, injection procedures, acupuncture, chronic pain management classes and surgery. The clinic works closely with our regional spine surgery centers in Oakland, Redwood City and Santa Teresa (San Jose). Painful spinal problems are most often the result of a degenerative process that is treatable but not curable. We will do our best to help you and your doctor manage your condition. Most often only a single visit is planned in the Spine Clinic, and you will then be referred back to your personal doctor with recommendations for on-going treatment.

To prepare for your visit, please complete a Patient History Questionnaire.

Our clinicians:

Sangmin Ahn, MD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Binh Luu, MD Department Chief Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Laura Nahm, MD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Sergiy Rybiy, MD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dewate Sumetanon, MD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation



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