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    FEB 08, 2019

    How much caffeine is too much — and tips for cutting back

    Starting the day with a cup (or 2) of coffee is a daily habit for many people. While caffeine does have some health benefits, drinking too much can affect your well-being. If you’re constantly relying on caffeine drinks to stay focused throughout the day, it may be time to cut back. ... Learn more >

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    JAN 08, 2019

    Concerned about cholesterol? Check your grocery list.

    If you regularly enjoy bacon at breakfast or a cheeseburger with fries at lunch, your diet could be steering you toward high cholesterol. Common in adults and even in children, high cholesterol levels can lead to serious health problems. ... Learn more >

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    DEC 11, 2018

    Reach your New Year’s goals with support from a wellness coach

    Setting New Year’s resolutions is simple. Sticking to them? Now that’s the tough part. Whether you want to better manage stress, eat healthier, or be more active — we can help. This year, try Wellness Coaching by Phone to help you make your resolutions a reality. ... Learn more >

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    NOV 07, 2018

    Enjoy a stress-free holiday in the Mid-Atlantic States

    The holiday season is here — time for cozy fireplaces, fresh-baked cookies, and leisurely days off with loved ones. But it can also mean crowded shopping malls, heavier traffic on the beltway and I-95, and the stress and anxiety that can accompany them. This time of year, it’s important to find ways to help relax your mind and body — so you can reduce stress and enjoy the holiday season. ... Learn more >

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    OCT 23, 2018

    Focus on the holidays with help from Vision Essentials in the Mid-Atlantic States

    Spending time with family and friends is what makes the holidays so special — so make sure you can focus on memorable moments with help from Vision Essentials by Kaiser Permanente. ... Learn more >

    Eye Examseye healthMid-Atlantic Statesprevention

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    SEP 24, 2018

    Coping with depression during pregnancy in the Mid-Atlantic States

    Expecting a baby can be a very happy time. But for many moms-to-be, concerns about pregnancy, labor, and having a healthy baby can trigger anxiety, depression, or both. Determining whether you’re experiencing symptoms is the first step to taking control. ... Learn more >

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    AUG 27, 2018

    Find a flu shot clinic near you in the Mid-Atlantic States

    Flu season is almost upon us, but the best way to protect yourself is already here. Throughout the Mid-Atlantic States, Kaiser Permanente is offering no-cost flu shots to members at their facilities. ... Learn more >

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    JUL 17, 2018

    Steps you can take to fight childhood obesity in the Mid-Atlantic States

    With childhood obesity posing a serious problem in the United States, America’s children are especially vulnerable to serious health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and asthma. This is why healthy lifestyle support and help with weight management — when appropriate — are a key part of the preventive care your child will get from Kaiser Permanente’s award-winning pediatric team in the Mid-Atlantic States. ... Learn more >

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    JUN 07, 2018

    Enjoy the sun without getting burned in the Mid-Atlantic States

    There are plenty of long, lazy summer days left to enjoy — which means more time to explore the Mid-Atlantic States’ beautiful parks, beaches, and hiking trails. No matter where your adventures take you, it’s important to protect yourself and your family from the sun’s harmful rays. A little prevention now can save you the pain of a sunburn — and help protect you from the early signs of aging and skin cancer. ... Learn more >

    Mid-Atlantic StatesSummerSun safetysunscreen

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    MAY 08, 2018

    Beat seasonal allergies and breathe easier in the Mid-Atlantic States

    Summer brings warm weather, barbecues, group hikes, and bonfires. But for many people, it also brings sinus trouble and itchy eyes. If you’re dealing with seasonal allergies, don’t let it get you down. Try these treatment and prevention tips so you can get the most out of this summer. ... Learn more >

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