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    FEB 08, 2019

    How much caffeine is too much — and tips for cutting back

    Starting the day with a cup (or 2) of coffee is a daily habit for many people. While caffeine does have some health benefits, drinking too much can affect your well-being. If you’re constantly relying on caffeine drinks to stay focused throughout the day, it may be time to cut back. ... Read More >

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    DEC 11, 2018

    Find no-cost resources to address stress

    It’s common to experience stress in your everyday life. Stress is the brain’s and body’s response to any demand, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. It may be caused by a personal, health, or financial issue. Short-term stress is normal, but long-term stress can cause health problems — so it’s important to learn coping strategies. ... Read More >

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    DEC 11, 2018

    Reach your New Year’s goals with support from a wellness coach

    Setting New Year’s resolutions is simple. Sticking to them? Now that’s the tough part. Whether you want to better manage stress, eat healthier, or be more active — we can help. This year, try Wellness Coaching by Phone to help you make your resolutions a reality. ... Read More >

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    MAY 15, 2017

    Connect with a wellness coach for better health

    If you’re looking to make a healthy change, you don’t need to hire a personal trainer or sit through hours of classes. You can find the key to improving your health right in your phone. ... Read More >

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    JUL 15, 2016

    Build healthy habits with the help of a coach

    Turning health goals into action can be tough stuff. Need some support? Teaming up with a wellness coach by phone is a great way to juice up your drive to live healthy — one call at a time. If you’re a Kaiser Permanente member, you can schedule a no-cost session today for help with making lifestyle changes that last. ... Read More >

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    FEB 27, 2015

    Call for health: Wellness coaching

      We all want to feel good, be well, and have ... Read More >

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