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    MAY 06, 2022

    Yes, you can build resilience. Here’s how.

    You’ve probably heard a lot lately about the importance of resilience, especially during the personal, social, and work-related challenges of the pandemic. While resilience is essential during a crisis, it’s also vital for coping with everyday stressors like rush hour traffic, misunderstandings between friends, or a spilled glass of red wine. ... Read More >

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    MAY 06, 2022

    Ask a doctor: Is juicing healthy?

    In recent years, there’s been a growing interest in cold-pressed juicing. Many people see it as a quick way to eat healthy — getting their vegetables and fruits in just one drink. Juicing has become so popular that its market size is expected to grow to over $1 billion globally.* That’s a lot of green juice. But is juicing the healthy eating option it’s made out to be? Sean Hashmi, MD, physician and regional director of weight management and clinical nutrition for Kaiser Permanente Southern California shares why juicing isn’t always the best healthy eating choice. ... Read More >

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    MAY 06, 2022

    8 travel tips for staying healthy this summer

    As the days grow longer and the weather heats up, summer is the perfect time to hit the road for an adventure. The last thing you want on your travel itinerary? Getting sick. Whether you’re hopping on an international flight or car camping, here are 8 travel tips to help you manage your health while you’re away from home. ... Read More >

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    APR 08, 2022

    Forest bathing: What it is and why you should try it

    Stress is a part of everyday life. But too much stress can take a toll on your mind and body. Feeling stressed for long periods of time can lead to depression, increased anxiety, and even physical symptoms, like body aches. One simple way to manage stress? Spending time in nature — or forest bathing. ... Read More >

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    APR 08, 2022

    7 tips to help you stick with a workout routine

    If you’ve decided to start a workout routine, congratulations. You’ve already taken the first step. Staying active can improve both physical and mental health, so exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.1 But sticking with a new routine can be difficult. ... Read More >

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    MAR 17, 2022

    Live longer with 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day

    Healthy eating is a surefire way to improve your overall well-being. With the right mix of foods, you can get the nutrients you need, lower your risk of medical issues, and even improve your mood. One of the keys to reaching a healthy balance is to include enough fruits and vegetables in your diet. ... Read More >

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    FEB 21, 2022

    5 foods and supplements for stress reduction

    No matter what stage of life you’re in, you may feel more stressed now than you did a few years ago. Over time, those everyday pressures can lead to depression, anger, and physical symptoms like an upset stomach. ... Read More >

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    FEB 21, 2022

    Powerful but not perfect: An overview of health wearables

    A personal trainer in your pocket. Microchips that monitor blood sugar. Baby thermometers — right on their tiny wrists. If these concepts sound strange, think again. They’re called wearables. And in the health and wellness scene, they’re making a big splash in a small way. ... Read More >

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    JAN 17, 2022

    7 ways to show someone you care

    Small acts of kindness can have a big impact. Not only does offering support to your loved ones show you care, but you can benefit from it, too. Studies show that helping others can reduce stress, increase happiness, and even help you live longer.1,2   ... Read More >

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    DEC 08, 2021

    Feeling stressed from making decisions? Here are 4 tips for dealing with decision fatigue.

    Day after day we’re faced with many decisions both big and small — from what to wear and eat to bigger life decisions that involve family, money, and more. So, it’s not surprising that the stress of constant decision-making can wear on our mental health. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of making another decision, then you may be experiencing decision fatigue. ... Read More >

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