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    JUN 10, 2018

    Pay attention to portions

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    DEC 20, 2016

    Eat healthy and save money in Georgia with these 10 tips

    The New Year is a great time to consider new habits that will help make your life happier and healthier. A popular goal is to eat better, but many people worry that they don’t have the budget for it. If you’ve felt stuck between saving money and improving your nutrition, take heart — you can accomplish both with some smart planning and shopping. ... Learn more >

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    JUL 15, 2016

    Shopping for fruits and veggies? Stop by one of our Southern California farmers markets.

    Fruits and veggies deliver a powerful dose of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. And we want to make it easy for you to enjoy these nutrition superstars. That’s why we’ve opened farmers markets outside some of our medical centers and clinics. So after your appointment, you can fill your tote with bananas, berries, or bell peppers. ... Learn more >

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    JUL 15, 2016

    Build healthy habits with the help of a coach

    Turning health goals into action can be tough stuff. Need some support? Teaming up with a wellness coach by phone is a great way to juice up your drive to live healthy — one call at a time. If you’re a Kaiser Permanente member, you can schedule a no-cost session today for help with making lifestyle changes that last. ... Learn more >

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    JUN 10, 2016

    Fight food addiction: How processed foods cause overeating

    Have you noticed that some foods are almost impossible to resist? ... Learn more >

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    OCT 12, 2015

    Lighten up your latte

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