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    JUL 10, 2017

    4 steps to better diabetes control in Colorado

    When it comes to managing your diabetes, keeping track of your numbers, lifestyle habits, and medication may feel overwhelming sometimes. If you ever find that you’re hard on yourself when things don’t go perfectly, you’re not alone. To help ease this struggle, Anna Cosyleon, MD, a Kaiser Permanente physician lead for diabetes and hypertension, says that balance is key. ... Learn more >


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    MAY 17, 2017

    Your personal action plan for prevention in Colorado

    Preventive care is a key step in taking charge of your health, but it can be hard to remember which screenings, exams, and vaccinations are due. A simple way to manage your preventive care is to check your personal action plan at* ... Learn more >

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    AUG 02, 2016

    Pre-Pregnancy Immunizations

      Immunizations (vac... Learn more >


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    JAN 18, 2016

    Learn why you should sit less and move more

    Move more and sit less, or you could jeopardize your health. That’s the message of a groundbreaking study by researchers at Kaiser Permanente. ... Learn more >

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    SEP 30, 2015

    Make Today Joyfully Fierce

    You give your best when you’re feeling your best, so put yourself on top of your to-do list. ... Learn more >

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    SEP 29, 2015

    HIV testing: Play it safe

    You don’t have any symptoms. You haven’t been involved with anyone who has HIV or AIDS. You feel healthy. So why take the HIV antibody test?   Because HIV can be tricky. Someone can be infected with HIV without even knowing it. Unfort... Learn more >

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    SEP 29, 2015

    Breast cancer: Early detection saves lives

    Although the exact cause of breast cancer is not known, most experts agree that there are several factors that increase your risk, such as genetics, age, sex, and race.   You can control some ... Learn more >

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    SEP 14, 2015

    Make today delightfully adventurous

    When you take preventive measures — like wearing the right protective gear for your sport, buckling your seat belt, and wearing sunscreen — you worry less when you set out on your next adventure. ... Learn more >

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    SEP 08, 2015

    Do your diabetes homework

    When you were in school, homework might have seemed like a chore, but it was necessary to build and maintain your knowledge of the materials. The same can be said for learning about a chronic condition such as diabetes, with the payoff being a better quality of life. ... Learn more >

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    MAY 18, 2015

    Protecting your skin from the sun

    Most skin cancer can be prevented. Use the following tips to protect your skin from the sun. You may decrease your chances of developing skin cancer and help prevent wrinkles.   Although people with darker skin don’t sunburn as easily, they can still get skin cancer. So it’s important to use sun protection, no matter what your skin color is.   Avoid sun exposure The best way... Learn more >

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