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    NOV 12, 2021

    Stressed about seeing family for the holidays? Here are 7 tips to help you cope.

    Whether it’s the fear of another political argument with your uncle or feeling the absence of a loved one who passed — family holiday parties can be a stressful experience. To help you tackle some of these tough situations, Leigh Miller, LCSW, a therapist and social worker at Kaiser Permanente, shares tips on how to cope with 7 difficult — but common — family stressors during the holidays. ... Read More >

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    DEC 10, 2020

    3 ways to manage anxiety about returning to work and school

    Life has changed quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic. For many families, that’s meant finding a new “normal” in their work and school routines. And as schools and workplaces reopen, that means more change — and with it, more anxiety. ... Read More >

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    OCT 14, 2020

    Holiday planning during the pandemic

    Traditionally, the end of the year is filled with holiday celebrations, family gatherings, and good cheer — but the holidays may look a little different this year. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the CDC cautions that holiday celebrations carry many risk factors for getting or spreading COVID-19.1 But that doesn’t mean you should skip the holiday celebrations entirely. In fact, preserving holiday traditions and connecting with loved ones may be especially important this year. ... Read More >

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    APR 16, 2020

    Find your words: How to talk about mental health with a child

    Right now is a crucial time to check in on the mental health of the young people in our lives. It’s important for young people to hear that anxiety, stress, and negative emotions are completely normal — particularly in times of crisis. They also need to hear that there’s always hope. In fact, just one positive, nurturing relationship with an adult can help kids fight the effects of trauma.1 ... Read More >

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    APR 09, 2020

    6 simple yoga poses you can do anywhere

    Right now, it’s especially important to care for the whole you — mind, body, and spirit. And since we’re spending our days at home, it’s more important than ever to get our body’s moving whenever possible. ... Read More >

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    JAN 30, 2020

    Are you too hard on yourself?

    I’m too fat. I’m dumb. I’m a terrible parent. They’ll never hire me. ... Read More >

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    NOV 14, 2019

    40 positive affirmations for better self-care and brighter days

    The old saying, “You are what you think” may be true. For example, negative thoughts may lead to a more negative outlook on life, which then can lead to more negative thoughts. This cycle of negativity may result in stress, anxiety, and depression, which can damage your physical health. ... Read More >

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    JUL 24, 2019

    Feeling down? Social media may be to blame.

    Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have completely changed the way we connect and communicate in today’s modern world. We can interact with likes, comments, tweets, and retweets in an instant. But it’s not just how we use these tools — it’s how they make us feel. ... Read More >

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    NOV 07, 2018

    Get the facts on seasonal depression

    Between the cold, dry air, dangerous storms, and shorter days, winter can be hard on your health. And it’s even harder if you struggle with seasonal affective disorder (SAD). ... Read More >

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    NOV 07, 2018

    5 reasons why an LOL can help your health in Colorado

    You know that friend who is always good for a loud, hearty laugh? Turns out her sunny disposition is healthy — for relaxation, immune function, and even pain management. ... Read More >

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