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    MAR 20, 2019

    6 superfoods to pack for a picnic

    Spring is the perfect season to head outdoors. So, there’s no better time to pack a picnic with your favorite foods. Instead of including the same old staples, focus on foods that add a fun —and healthy — spin to your next outdoor outing. A good source of inspiration? Superfoods. Superfoods are often plant-based. And many offer an array of nutrients and health benefits. ... Learn more >

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    MAR 20, 2019

    9 fun-filled ways to get outside and work up a sweat

    What do you think of when you hear the word “workout”? Do you picture treadmills, dumbbells, and aerobic classes? Do you see it as another chore on a growing to-do list? Many of us do, which is why exercising can be such a challenge. But why not picture a fun activity outside in the sunshine instead? ... Learn more >

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    FEB 08, 2019

    Make superfoods part of your diet

    With a wealth of delicious produce coming into season, spring is a great time to add some of nature’s superfoods to your daily diet. ... Learn more >

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    FEB 08, 2019

    What you need to know about the keto diet

    If you’ve been considering weight-loss options, you may have heard about the popular ketogenic (keto) diet. But did you know that today’s latest diet trend isn’t all that new? In fact, the keto diet was originally developed in the 1920s as a way to treat epilepsy.1 But when anti-epileptic drugs hit the market, this diet fell into obscurity — until today. ... Learn more >

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    FEB 08, 2019

    How much caffeine is too much — and tips for cutting back

    Starting the day with a cup (or 2) of coffee is a daily habit for many people. While caffeine does have some health benefits, drinking too much can affect your well-being. If you’re constantly relying on caffeine drinks to stay focused throughout the day, it may be time to cut back. ... Learn more >

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    FEB 08, 2019

    Add this nutritional powerhouse to your next meal

    It’s no secret that fiber keeps your digestive tract moving. In addition to aiding digestion, this dietary workhorse also offers many other health benefits. ... Learn more >

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    FEB 08, 2019

    Sneak more fruits and vegetables into your day

    With spring approaching, it’s the perfect time to make a healthy change. So start fresh this spring by adding vegetables and fruits to your daily routine. ... Learn more >

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    JAN 08, 2019

    7 heartfelt ways to show someone you care

    Love is in the air. This is the time of year we’re often eager to show our loved ones we care with big — and sometimes expensive — gestures. We give cards, flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. We cook special meals or plan a night out on the town. But these efforts can easily add up or cause unnecessary stress to plan or buy. ... Learn more >

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    JAN 08, 2019

    Sneak in more heart-healthy omega-3 with these tips

    The word “fat” has gotten a bad rap over the last few decades. But healthy fats — like omega-3 fatty acids — are an important part of a balanced diet. ... Learn more >

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    JAN 08, 2019

    Help keep your heart healthy

    Many people don’t give much thought to health problems like heart disease. But whether you’re a 20-something or in your 40s, it’s important to maintain healthy habits. ... Learn more >

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