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  • Tier2a_NAT_437280_Offset_RF_FEB2019_300x300
    JAN 08, 2019

    Sneak in more heart-healthy omega-3 with these tips

    The word “fat” has gotten a bad rap over the last few decades. But healthy fats — like omega-3 fatty acids — are an important part of a balanced diet. ... Learn more >

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  • Eat Healthy Butternut Squash Soup
    AUG 07, 2014

    A new find for foodies

    Kaiser Permanente’s Food for Health blog features recipes straight from the kitchens of our own physicians, nurses, and dietitians, so you know they are tested, tasty — and healthy. Plus, regular blog posts offer tips about food and nutrition. ... Learn more >


  • healthy burger for protein
    AUG 07, 2014

    The power of protein

    Protein plays an essential role in health, and it is found in every cell, tissue, and organ in the human body. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends a daily intake of 56 grams of protein for adult men and 46 grams of protein for adult women. ... Learn more >