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    MAY 16, 2019

    Wanna get outside? Try one of Georgia’s fun summer activities.

    A healthy dose of outdoor activity can really make your summer shine. Fortunately, Georgia has plenty to offer, from its many parks and mountains to the more than 1,300 acres and 33 miles of trails along the Atlanta Beltline alone. And with the weather just right, now’s the time to grab a water bottle and head outside. It’s fun and good for your health — and not just physically. From reducing stress to improving short-term memory, fresh air and exercise have been shown in numerous studies to improve well-being. If you’re ready to get moving this season, here are 5 summer activities in Georgia to get you started. ... Read More >

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    APR 23, 2019

    6 tips to lift your mood and stay positive

    A traffic jam, a missed deadline, a disagreement with a friend — all of these things can cause stress. And impact your mood. It can be hard to stay positive when your day isn’t going as planned, but just like strengthening your muscles, building a positive mindset takes practice. ... Read More >

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    FEB 08, 2019

    Sneak more fruits and vegetables into your day

    With spring approaching, it’s the perfect time to make a healthy change. So start fresh this spring by adding vegetables and fruits to your daily routine. ... Read More >

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    JAN 08, 2019

    6 ways to volunteer in your community

    This is the month many of us show loved ones we care — often through food, flowers, and chocolates. Another gift option? Consider volunteering in your community. ... Read More >

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    DEC 11, 2018

    Start fresh — your month-by-month guide for a great 2019

    It’s a new year — and the perfect time to turn over a new leaf. But New Year’s resolutions are often short-lived, sometimes producing more guilt than results. ... Read More >

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    OCT 23, 2018

    4 ways you can manage diabetes in Georgia

    Diabetes is growing at an epidemic rate in Georgia —  almost 14% of adults have diabetes.* And about 1 in 3 people have prediabetes with blood glucose levels higher than normal. Diabetes in Georgia — as with the nation — is also more common in rural and suburban areas, and among African-Americans. ... Read More >

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    SEP 24, 2018

    Confronting teen depression in Georgia

    Whether elated or upset, teens tend to experience a wide range of emotions. But if the teen you love seems stuck in a period of prolonged sadness, irritation, or anger, it may be time to consider if they’re depressed. ... Read More >

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    AUG 27, 2018

    Find a flu shot clinic near you in Georgia

    Flu season is almost upon us, but the best way to protect yourself is already here. Throughout Georgia, Kaiser Permanente is offering no-cost flu shots to members at their facilities. ... Read More >

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    JUL 17, 2018

    Minimize your back-to-school stress in Georgia

    Starting the school year in August can be jarring after the relaxed vibe of summer. And the new routine can result in an uptick in stress for everyone — from students and parents to metro Atlanta commuters facing heavier traffic again. ... Read More >

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    JUN 07, 2018

    Your checklist for safe summer fun in Georgia

    Georgia offers something for everyone in the summer — from hiking trails to beaches, and small-town charm to tourist-packed cities. But with any adventure, there comes a certain level of risk. ... Read More >