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Online Resources

The Health Education Department offers online classes and online self-paced programs that help you be and stay healthy.

Get an Online Account

Having an online account with Kaiser Permanente will allow you to take part of all of the high quality online features available to you. You can manage your care from anywhere.


Message your doctor and health care team.
Schedule and manage appointments.
View your lab results.
Order your medications.
Fill out forms.
Health and wellness programs.
Care for your family, and more.

Register or call Health Education for assistance.


Your Family List

You can use certain secure online services on behalf of those you care for. When you add people to your family list, you set up your—or their—legal and security permissions to use these services. We nake caring for your loved ones easy and secure.
Learn more or call Health Education for assistance.


Video Visits

A video visit is a convenient way to see your doctor from anywhere. Watch how

If you have a video visit scheduled now, you can join up to 15 minutes before the start time. Join your Video Visit


Mobile Apps

Being able to connect with your doctor and health care team when you need it, from anywhere, can make things much simpler. Download the My Doctor Online App on your phone or tablet. Learn more


Total Health Assessment

We’ll provide guidance on how you can make small changes that will help you reach your personalized health goals. Learn more