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Emotional Health

Due to COVID-19 precautions, classes are now online.

A Healthy State of Mind
Take a moment for self-care. kp.org/selfcare
Pick foods to help your mood: Food as Medicine

Mind-Body Medicine
Your thoughts and feelings have a strong impact on your physical and emotional health. Learn how and watch Coping with a Chronic Condition (5 min.)

Watch short videos on Dementia and For Caregivers

Take a self-assessment. Offer support or get help: here

Healthy Relationships
Everyone deserves a safe and healthy relationship.
1-800-799-7233 or Online

Suicide Prevention
The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress. 1-800-273-8255 or Online


Online Classes

Who can attend: Kaiser Permanente members
Fee(s): No fee required  Register: Call us

Couples Communication

Learn basic communication, problem-solving, and connecting skills. It is designed to teach couples skills and attitudes that promote development of a warm, positive, durable, and “conflict-proof” bond in their relationship.
2-hour,  6 sessions.
When: Call for dates and times.

Improving Your Sleep

Learn how to fall asleep quicker, sleep sounder, and awaken feeling more refreshed. Improve the quantity and the quality of sleep. Learn how nighttime habits and thinking patterns affect your sleep, and how to change both.
2-hour,  5 sessions.
When: Start any Tuesday at 5:30 pm

Learn more: Insomnia (20 minute video)

Managing Depression

Depression is common, real, and treatable. In this series, you will learn about depression as well as ways to manage your symptoms. We will help you learn to challenge negative thoughts and add more pleasant activities to your life. You’ll also learn techniques to relax and approach your life with mindfulness.
2-hour,  6 sessions.
When: Start any Thursday at 5:30 pm

Managing Stress

You will learn to recognize the sources of stress in your life, manage stress-related symptoms and illnesses, develop healthy lifestyle habits, and take better care of yourself.
2-hour,  6 sessions.
When: Start any Tuesday at 5:30 pm

Understanding Anxiety

Learn to identify what triggers anxiety for you as well as ways to manage your symptoms. You’ll also learn techniques to relax, reduce your response to triggers, and approach your anxiety with mindfulness.
2-hour,  6 sessions.
When: Start any Monday at 5:30 pm


1:1 Appointments

Wellness Coaching

Get one-on-one help for making changes over a phone appointment. Topics include weight loss, stress, sleep, tobacco cessation, nutrition, and exercise.
No Cost: Covered benefit for members.
Register: kp.org/mydoctor/wellnesscoaching


Call the Behavioral Health Department for mental health services or talk to your doctor. Your care with us.
Contact: 1-855-268-4096


Additional Resources

Fitness Deals

Stay active and fit with a variety of reduced rates on studios, gyms, fitness gear, and online classes — available for Kaiser Permanente members.
No Cost: Fitness Deals
Tips: Eating/Exercise What Works for You