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Our Services

To help you meet your health goals and preferences we offer online classes, individual appointments, self-guided online programs, and additional resources.

Online Classes

Diabetes Classes
Prediabetes and You
Diabetes Basics
Healthy Eating with Diabetes
Emotional Health Classes
Emotional Wellness
Improving Sleep
Managing Depression
Managing Stress
Couples Communication
Healthy Weight Classes
Healthy Weight
Whole Food, Plant Based
Pregnancy Classes
Childbirth Preparation
Newborn Care

Individual Appointments

Work with someone to help you achieve your personal health goals. They’ll work with you to lose weight, eat healthier, start exercising, quit tobacco, sleep better, reduce stress, and more.

Wellness Coaching
Learn more telephonic Wellness Coaching.

Clinical Health Educators
In person and video visits are available, please call Health Education.

Maternal Child Health Educators
Services include childbirth preparation, newborn care, and common parenting concerns.

Online Resources

Find tailored resources for your needs by clicking on a health topic under our Health Resouces.

Here are more health and wellness resources:
Self-Directed Interactive Programs
Prepare for Your Procedure – Emmi
Health Videos

Health Education centers are available at the medical office building you receive care at and by phone. Please contact us for guidance on our resources.