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Pregnancy and Childbirth

Online Classes

Childbirth Preparation

Learn what to expect before, during, and after childbirth. You’ll practice breathing and relaxation techniques and other options for managing labor, pain, and the role of your support person.  Take this class during your last 3 months of pregnancy. Your partner/support person is encouraged to attend. 2-hour class. One or two session options.

Newborn Care

We’ll cover essential topics to help you care for your newborn, including feeding, bathing, and diapering. We’ll also discuss ways to care for yourself during the new phase of parenting. Take this class within the last 3 months of pregnancy. Your partner/support person is encouraged to attend. 2-hour class. No fee.


Breastfeeding provides important health benefits for you and your baby. We’ll review your baby’s hunger cues, how to ensure a good milk supply, what partners can do to support you, and how to manage common breastfeeding challenges. Take this class during the last 3 months of pregnancy. Your partner/support person is encouraged to attend. Optional: Please have a doll available. 2-hour class. No fee.

Note: Partner or support person is encouraged to attend classes.

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Individual Appointments

Health Educator

Get personalized guidance and support for common concerns: pregnancy, childbirth, and babies.  Meet the Educators
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Videos and Articles

Labor & Delivery Tour

Take a peek at the Labor and Delivery, Mother, and Baby units at the Modesto Medical Center. Virtual Tour


Childbirth Emmi Program
Epidural for Pain Management Emmi Program
C-Section Emmi Program
Vaginal Birth After C-Section Emmi Program
Fill out an Advance Health Care Directive
Labor and Delivery Topics

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes Emmi Program
Diabetes and Pregnancy Topics


Breastfeeding Emmi Program
Breast Pumps and Milk Storage
Breastfeeding Topics

Newborn Care

Caring for Your Newborn Video
Preparing for Your Baby Topics
Newborn Newsletter

Self-Care After Birth

Pregnancy and Depression Emmi Program
Emotional Postpartum Care Emmi Program
Physical Postpartum Care Emmi Program
Tubal Sterilization


Pregnancy: A healthy start

Why Prenatal Visits: Common Prenatal Complications
Covid-19 and Pregnancy
1st Trimester Video: Fatigue and Nausea
Smoking in Pregnancy

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Nutrition and Pregnancy

Nourishing your developing baby:  View Video
PDF: Weight Gain: What’s healthy for you?
Recipes: Food for Health and Cooking Videos

Fit to Give Birth

Giving birth might be the most intense workout you’ll ever do. View Video
Fitness Deals and Exercise Videos

Mind and Spirit

Sleep better, manage stress, improve your mood, and more. kp.org/selfcare We have mobile apps that can help