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Discharge: Going Home

Before you and your new baby go home there are many things that must be complete.

Birth Certificate

You will be given a birth certificate work sheet that you must fill out before you go home.  This work sheet will be entered into the California State system so that there is a record of your baby’s birth.  The care team and/or Birth Certificate clerk can help you fill out the form and answer any questions that you have.  Before you leave the clerk will bring you a copy of the form that will be sent to the State, read it very carefully as the information that is on the form is what will be on your actual Birth Certificate.  If corrections are necessary they will be made and a new copy will be printed.


You must stop in the admitting office before you leave to ensure that you receive your “Baby Packet” this is how you will put your baby on your insurance plan.  Your partner can visit the office prior to you leaving to take care of this so that you do not have to stop on the way to the car.  If not done the person taking you to your car will stop so that you can complete what you need to do.

Discharge Exam

Both you and your baby will have a discharge physical exam to ensure you are ready to go home.

Follow Up Appointments

Your baby will be scheduled for an appointment 24 to 48 hours after you go home from the hospital.  If your provider wants you to be seen prior to your four to six week exam you will also be given that appointment time.  Please make sure you call the clinic for a postpartum check up appointment when you get home.

Discharge Medications

If the clinicians order medications for either you or your baby, we will ask a member of your family to go to the discharge pharmacy to fill them for you before you leave for home.

Transportation Home

Don’t forget your car seat.  You have been given a handout on car seat safety in your admission packet; please refer to that and the manufacturers recommendations for safety tips.  The members of your care team are not certified to install car seats, so they cannot help you with the installation.  You can visit the seat check website for information on where to find and inspection station and obtain help with the installation of your car seat.  The website at seatcheck.org or you can call 1-866-732-8243 for information.