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Maternal Child Health Leadership

There is always someone here to help. Our competent staff of doctors, Nurse Midwives and nurse can help you 24 hours a day if you have questions.

If you feel your question does not get answered or just want another person to talk to we provide the following support for you during your stay;

Ext. 34288 Assistant Nurse Managers for Maternal Child, 24 hours per day
Ext. 34850 Maternal Child Director:  Rebecca Taylor-Ford RN, during the day.
Ext. 0 House Supervisor or Administrator On-Call
Ext. 34368 Medical Director Labor and Delivery and Postpartum:  Tamara Kelly, MD Please leave a message.
Ext. 32628 Medical Director Newborns and Pediatrics:  Kristin Steuerle, MD Please leave a message.
Ext. 34481 Chief Nurse Midwife
Ext. 33433 Ombudsman Fatima Bani-Taba
Ext. 34384 Chaplain