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Maternal Child Health Teams

Maternal Child Health Teams have a strong commitment to women and their newborns. Labor and Delivery nurses monitor the progress of labor and support Certified Nurse Midwife and obstetricians during delivery. Maternal Child Health Team members are Registered Nurses (RN), Obstetrical Technicians (OBT) and Unit Assistants (UA).

Women and Children Unit Mission Statement

We, the Santa Rosa Medical Center Women and Children staff, are committed to providing evidence-based care that is developmentally and culturally appropriate. We strive to provide education to our patients based on individualized, age specific needs. We work hard to establish and maintain an effective team based on mutual respect, integrity, collaboration, harmony and flexibility. Our goal is for each family to feel that they have had a personalized, caring, and safe experience during their stay at Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Medical Center.