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West Los Angeles in The News

Kaiser Foundation Hospital – West LA Wins 2 Awards for High Standard of Stroke Care

We are honored to announce that Kaiser Foundation Hospital – West LA was awarded the 2019 Get With The Guidelines – Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award. Our facility also qualified for recognition on the Target: Stroke Elite Plus Honor Roll. This award recognizes West LA’s success in implementing a high standard of stroke care by ensuring that their stroke patients receive treatment that meets nationally accepted, evidence-based standards and recommendations.

Congratulations to our Stroke Team for all the hard work!

Sharon Combs Urges Parents to Protect Their Kids Against Measels

When 85-year-old Sharon Combs sees parents pushing strollers, she stops them and urges them to get the MMR vaccine, the vaccine that prevents against measles, as well as mumps and rubella. Combs’ son, Jeffrey, contracted Measles when he was six months old, before the vaccine had been introduced. Soon thereafter he experienced very high temperatures, auditory nerve damage, became deaf and experienced many other developmental delays.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. “The Measles made him sick for years,” she said, and he died at the young age of 30. He died as the result of kidney failure, after experiencing two unsuccessful kidney transplants. “His doctor told me his body had aged as an 80-year-old body would have," she said.

Combs has been advocating for the Measles vaccine for the last 65 years but feels it’s even more important right now, with the recent Measles outbreak, to get the message across. “If just one child gets spared this mess, it’s worth it to me. That’s why I tell parents to get their kids the shots they need,” Combs says.

KP Partners with AARP on Family Caregiver Instructional Video Series

Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles has entered into a 2-year partnership with AARP to use their Family Caregiver Instructional Video Series and Resources. The resources on the are available to our providers and members alike, and will be available on our intranet and WLA microsite.

The Resources include 2-5 minute Instructional Videos and related Resource Guides to help promote Wellness for a member in the home setting as well as help smooth the transition from Hospital to Home. Topics include:


Managing Incontinence

  • Helping Someone to the Toilet
  • How to Talk with Someone about Incontinence*
  • Managing Incontinence: Difficulty Getting Out of Bed*
  • Managing Incontinence: How Family Caregivers Can Help
  • Managing Incontinence at Home*
  • Seeking Support: Managing a Family Member’s Incontinence
  • Selecting Incontinence Products*


Managing Medications

  • Beyond Pills: Eye Drops, Patches & Suppositories
  • Dealing with Dementia-Related Resistance
  • Discharge Planning from Hospital to Home
  • Giving Insulin Injections
  • Hospital Discharge Planning
  • Organizing and Administering Pills



  • Basics of Care to Wheelchair Transitions
  • Getting from a Car to a Wheelchair*
  • Moving from a Walker to Shower or Bed*
  • Preparing your Home for Safe Mobility*
  • Transferring from Assistive Device to Shower or Bed
  • Using a Walker or Cane and Navigating Stairs
  • What to Do When Someone Falls*


Special Diets

  • G-Tube Feeling Guidelines
  • Helping to Feed Persons with Dementia
  • Managing Low Appetite
  • Modifying Food Textures
  • Nutrition Basics
  • Reducing Sodium


Wound Care

  • Caring for and Maintaining Ostomy Bags
  • Caring for Lower Extremity Wounds and Cellulitis
  • Diabetic Foot Care: Treatment and Prevention*
  • General Principles of Wound Care*
  • Pressure Ulcers: Prevention and Skin Care
  • Treatment of Skin Tears

*available in both English and Spanish.


Prevention & wellness

Prevention is about staying healthy, and preventing or delaying disease. Wellness is living your best life. Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles is here to help you stay healthy and live your best life. There are many things you can do to take an active role in your prevention plan to stay healthy and thrive through all stages of life.