Family History


Watch our video to get tips for collecting your family health history. En Español Aqui

Many physical features run in families. Brown eyes, or red hair, or height can be passed down from generation to generation. So can behavioral traits like being shy or being stubborn. Diseases can be passed down too; these are called genetic diseases or disorders.

Knowing your family medical history is one way to determine if you or your child have an increased chance of developing certain diseases.

Your health care provider can refer you to Genetics if you have a family history of a known genetic condition or are worried about a certain condition within your family.

Gathering your family history

If you are being referred for genetic evaluation for your child, complete this Family History Questionnaire for Child and bring it to your Genetics appointment.

Often, some medical information isn’t well known even in the closest families, so completing the history questionnaire might involve some detective work on your part. Talk with your family and extended family to get as much information as you can in preparation for your appointment.

If you are being referred because of a personal or family history of cancer, it’s important to list the type of cancer, the part of the body affected, and the age at diagnosis (and death if applicable). If you have any medical records or pathology reports, bring them to your appointment. Please also complete and bring this Cancer Family History Questionnaire:

If you or your family members have had previous genetic testing, please bring copies of the test results with you.