Our Medical Geneticists

What is a medical geneticist?

Medical geneticists are physicians who have specialized training in genetics and are certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics. These doctors know how to diagnose rare genetic conditions and make recommendations about medical care for these conditions. When indicated, the medical geneticist will provide a full physical exam and decide on laboratory tests to rule out or to diagnose a genetic condition. They may refer you to other specialists.

What do medical geneticists do?

Medical geneticists are experts who can evaluate your medical history, family history, ancestry and other factors to determine the chance that you or your children will have a genetic condition. Based on their evaluation they decide when genetic tests are appropriate, which tests to order, and then interpret the meaning of the results for you and your family members. Medical geneticists understand the emotions involved with genetic testing and are here to support you, whatever the results.

Medical geneticists:

  • Perform physical evaluation when indicated
  • Assess the chance that you or your baby may have or may inherit a genetic disease
  • Decide what tests may or may not be indicated to make a diagnosis
  • Interpret your genetic test results and what they might mean for you and/or your baby
  • Recommend appropriate follow-up medical care
  • Empower and support families in making medical decisions that reflect their personal values and cultural beliefs
  • Address your questions and concerns

Meet our Medical Geneticists