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Order Refills by Phone

The easiest way to obtain a refill is to call EasyFill, our 24 hour refill recorder. The EasyFill number is listed on your prescription label and on the cover of this guide. When you call, have your Health Plan card and medicine containers ready so that you can provide the information requested.

EasyFill allows you to order refills for both refillable and non-refillable prescriptions.

  • If your prescription is refillable (that is if your doctor has approved refills), your medication should be ready for pickup 48 hours after you call. If your medication is a “special order” item, allow at least 5 days.
  • If your prescription is non-refillable (a “0” is usually noted on your prescription label), we must contact your doctor for a renewal. Please call EasyFill at least 5 days before your medication runs out.
    If your doctor approves a refill, your medication should be ready for pickup within 3 to 4 days of your call (on average). If the refill request is denied, your doctor’s office will contact you.

Easy Steps To EasyFill

  • Call the EasyFill telephone number.
  • Press 1 – to order a refill or zero refill.
  • Enter your medical record number, then press the “pound” (#) key.
  • Press 1 – to confirm your medical record number.
  • Enter your prescription number, then press the “pound” (#) key.
  • Press 1 – to confirm the prescription number.
  • Then choose from the following:
    • Order another prescription for the same person – Press 1
    • Order refill for different person – Press 2
    • To Pick Up Prescription – Press 3
    • To Mail Prescription – Press 4

    You will be told when your prescription will be ready at the end of the call.