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HIV Care

Schedule an HIV Intake for New and Returning Kaiser Members with HIV.

Phone: 415-833-4638

HIV RN Case Manager

Coordinate/direct the health, safety, and psychological care of members living with HIV to ultimately promote quality of life.  Serve as an advocate to ensure that they continue to receive individualized and unique quality care, maximizing their overall care experience and health outcomes.

Phone: 415-833-4258

HIV Care Navigation

Referrals, application support and coordination of collaborative services (Project Open Hand, Medi-Cal, IHSS, Case Management services).   Help with emergency housing, grocery and meal programs, behavioral health services, and transportation assistance.

Phone: 415-833-3475

HIV Benefit Coordination 

Help HIV/AIDS positive members understand their health care cost and benefits at Kaiser Permanente.

Educate members regarding long term and short-term disability benefits and enrollment process (State Disability, Private Disability, FMLA, Social Security Disability). Enroll members into the ADAP Medication Assistance Program and HIPP Health Insurance Premium Payment Program.

Phone: 415-833-3475

HIV Clinical Pharmacists

Collaborate with HIV physicians to optimize pharmacologic treatment to manage or prevent HIV. The HIV Clinical Pharmacists strive to ensure that the most effective medications or injection treatments are prescribed, with minimal side effects; that drugs are dosed appropriately, are void of drug interactions, and are convenient.

HIV Program Coordinator/ Clinical Pharmacist HIV Care and Prevention Program

Phone: 415-833-0162

Clinical Pharmacist HIV Care and Prevention Program, Hepatitis C Program

Phone: 628-242-6533

Kaiser Pharmacy Support

For general help ordering medications or if you have questions about your medications, call the Pharmacy Customer Support line at 888-218-6245.

If you are on the ADAP Medication Assistance Program, you may be eligible for the ADAP Cycle Fill Program. This program will automatically fill and mail medications that you take daily.  Contact the HIV Clinical pharmacists for questions or enrollment.

ADAP Cycle Fill Program: 925-960-6979

HIV Anal Dysplasia Program

Schedule a routine checkup or transfer of care for anal dysplasia (abnormal cell growth caused by HIV and HPV that may be cancerous).

Phone: 415-833-4638

Additional Kaiser Resources

Kaiser Advice Line

Call for medical advice, scheduling appointments or leaving phone messages for your provider. Available 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Chinese dialects – Advice/appointments: 415-833-2239

English – Advice/appointments:  415-833-2200

Spanish – Advice/appointments: 415-833-2203

Kaiser Online Access

Create an account if you’re a current or former member or have received care at a Kaiser Permanente facility and want to receive your medical records.  You can email your doctor, view labs, schedule appointments, and order medication online or through the Kaiser phone app.

Kp.org Registration

For help setting up your kp.org account by phone, please call Kaiser Member Outreach, 415-833-2562.

Kaiser Patient Financial Services

For questions and help with medical service bills.

Copay Customer Support: 800-498-2748

Deductible Customer Support: 800-390-3507

Kaiser Release of Information (ROMI)

For completion of state disability, social security disability, private disability, and documents requiring physician signatures.  The Release of Information Department can also provide copies of medical records, fees may apply.

For all ROMI requests by email, please include:

Photo ID, Medical Record (Kaiser) Number, and Contact Phone Number

Timeframe for request (MM/DD/YYYY – MM/DD/YYYY)

How you would like to receive the completed request (email, pick up, mail)

All requests will be returned to the patient. Please allow 3 days for processing.

Phone: 415-833-3778

Email: SF-ROI-Department@kp.org