All babies born in California must have genetic screening shortly after birth.

California Newborn Screening Program

  • Nationally recognized as an essential preventive health measure
  • Screens for over 79 disorders
    • Disorders vary in severity
    • When identified early, many disorders can be treated before causing serious health problems


Your baby is tested shortly after birth, before you leave the hospital.


The test is safe and simple and involves taking only a few drops of blood from the heel of your baby’s foot. We send the sample to a special laboratory that is contracted with the state for testing.


You can get the test results from your baby’s doctor or clinic. It usually takes up to 6 weeks for the results to come in.

Initial positive test results are immediately telephoned to a Kaiser Permanente follow-up coordinator who contacts the newborn’s physician to arrange for further testing.

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Important Information for Parents (PDF)

Save the Babies Video Introduction

One Foot at a Time Save Babies Through Screening Foundation developed this educational film to share the experiences of parents just like you who have gone through the newborn screening and follow-up process.

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