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Memory Evaluation

Preparing for Memory Evaluation  – Video Series

The physicians of the Neurology Department at KP South San Francisco have created a series of brief online videos for caregivers who are preparing to bring a patient to a memory evaluation appointment.  To view these videos you will need an Internet connection and audio (computer volume “on” or external speakers).

Please note that memory evaluation appointments are by referral only.  If you believe that someone you care for may need a memory evaluation appointment, please contact his or her primary care physician.

We would like your feedback on the video series.  After watching the videos, please take a moment to complete our online survey:

  • Introduction to Memory Evaluation Videos (Video 1 of 4)
    This video introduces the topics that will be covered in the Memory Evaluation video series.
  • Information About Memory Problems (Video 2 of 4)
    This video outlines the causes of memory problems, symptoms of dementia and the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The evaluation of memory problems and treatments for Alzheimer’s disease are also discussed.
  • Clinic Appointment for Memory Evaluation (Video 3 of 4)
    This video will provide caregivers with information about how to prepare for a Memory Evaluation appointment and what to expect during the evaluation.
  • Other Issues Related to Memory Problems (Video 4 of 4)
    This video reviews concerns and considerations for those taking care of individuals with memory problems, including home safety, Advanced Directives for health care, and driving.