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Spiritual Care Services assists with:

  • Listening and presence – especially when you need a heart-to-heart talk seeking peace, strength or meaning in what’s happening.
  • Addressing your spiritual and emotional needs and concerns throughout all stages of illness and healing.
  • Support when you hear of a new diagnosis, recurrence of a serious or life-threatening illness that makes you anxious.
  • Counseling to help make decisions around your spiritual goals, advance directives or end-of-life issues.
  • Support when you or your family are struggling with issues of grief and loss.
  • Providing religious/spiritual services and rituals, such as meditation, prayer, emergency baptism and communion.
  • Clarifying religious, cultural and ethical questions.
  • Referrals to local religious and spiritual leaders and faith communities to provide religion specific services such as anointing of the sick.
  • Offering copies of scripture and holy writings from various faith traditions as available.
  • Celebrating positive milestones in your health care journey.