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Before Your Well Care Visit

We encourage all families to establish their children with a personal physician. Find a Provider Your children will normally see this physician for most appointments. If your child has an urgent problem when the personal physician is unavailable, then one of his/her partners will always be available. The following are tips to help you with the process of selecting a doctor for your children:

  • Ask friends and neighbors about their experiences with different pediatricians.
  • If you are not happy with the first physician that your child sees, ask for a different one the next time your child needs an appointment. Feel free to change personal physicians. However, you will find that both parent and child feel more comfortable when most visits are with the same doctor.
  • Schedule well child appointments and physical exams well in advance (2-3 months) so that you may see your own pediatrician.
  • If you have no specific requests, our nurses or appointment clerks will be happy to make a recommendation. However, you are not “assigned” to a physician, and you may change to another if desired.