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Pain Psychologists Appointments

What is a pain psychologist?

A pain psychologist is a specialist who understands how the mind and body connection affect pain and suffering. Together you will discover how your thoughts, moods, emotions, and lifestyle affect pain. A pain psychologist can also teach you important skills to lessen your pain. This comprehensive approach gives you more options for pain management without the side effects that may come with medication.

Why does my doctor want me to have a Pain Psychologist appointment?

Pain is a complex experience which encompasses the mind and the body. Traditional medical treatments like medication or surgery may not be enough to manage your pain or help you live the life you want. Pain management requires a comprehensive approach to address your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, not just your body.

Pain psychologists assist our members in lowering pain levels and increasing wellbeing using active therapies. You’ll learn skills that you can use in your day to day life to better control the pains. Examples of the active therapies are: developing skills to manage stress, learning to calm the nervous system and re-train your brain to lessen pain, managing thoughts and emotions that affect your pain, making lifestyle changes to improve your pain, learning to identify what can trigger your pain, and developing a plan to cope with pain flares.

Does this mean my doctor thinks the pain is all in my head?

Your pain is very real. Someone looking at you can’t see the pain you are in, that is true. But, your pain is real, and you need as many real and effective tools as you can gather to get your pains under better control. A pain psychologist is part of your team, and your team is here to support you in every aspect.