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Member Testimonials

“I have been involved with the Kaiser Pain Management Program for the last 3 years. My experience has been amazing. The Doctors and classes I have access to have taught me how to manage my pain with a very small amount of pain medication. I have learned 100’s of techniques and exercises to keep my mind and body strong, and my chronic pain under control” – C.B.


“Before Enrolling in this program I lived with pain and having little control over it. I took it day by day, not sure of what was going to happen and experiencing a constant cycle of ‘boom bust’. Over the last year, I have learned my body’s limit and how to slowly increase that. I’ve been able to learn how to not only take care of my physical health, but also my emotional health and wellbeing. With the help of this amazing team, I’ve developed better posture and movement techniques, learned focus and relaxation techniques such as mindfulness and Tai Chi, and l have learned how strong the mind and body connection is. I have also been able to go as far as setting goals for myself and being able to get off one of my medications. I have so proudly done activities this year I haven’t been able to do for a long time like walking 5K events and a 10K event, participating in weekend of ballroom dancing, and participating in ‘Relay For Life’ with a minimal recovery time. It takes a personal commitment to yourself and lots of work, but you will see positive results from your dedication!” – R.E.


“Before I started the Pain Management Department Program, I was frustrated and unhappy with my body and had a lack of understanding as to why I was in constant pain. After attending classes and working with the department for over 2 years now, I have seen a huge improvement in overall pain, and my ability to understand, assess, and take action towards relieving pain. I currently take no pain medication, and the skills I’ve learned assist in helping me handle stressors from all the areas of my life. I highly recommend this program. It has helped me to restore function, relieve some pain and most importantly given me renewed hope.” – L.J.


“This message is to thank you for setting up my appointment in your clinic for a physical therapy treatment. You are simply blessed to have Kristine Bade. Yesterday was my appointment and I have suffered severely for 11 months, begging for help, which NEVER gave me any relief. With ONE Treatment, the pain is GONE. I have another appointment in a month. Please praise her as I don’t have her address. She is so very thorough and worked diligently on me. I’m in awe!!! and so very grateful to both of you. Thank you Dr. Stockwell, as I’ve been to the spine clinic, and Napa Physical Therapy to no avail. To me, this is a MIRACLE and I just had to tell you. You surely are a great physician and gentleman. Thank you. I’m not certain how many tell you but I just had to encourage you as your work is valuable and Kaiser needs to praise you.” – K.M.


“I’m writing to encourage anyone with chronic pain to look into Kaiser’s Pain Management programs. I had been in chronic pain for several years and was open to trying anything, though not expecting that much. To my surprise, over some months, learning the lessons from the pain psychologist’s classes along with the pain physical therapist, my pain slowly lessened and no longer controls me.

Through their skill and caring, these wonderful people took a dejected pain patient and put him back on his feet. I give them heartfelt thanks. – F.P. (Former patient)”