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Ways to be active

Daily Life Activities


  • Goal for average steps per day = 10,000 to 12,000 steps
  • RPE 2-4
  • Measure your steps for a day and increase by 2,000 steps daily until you reach the goal
  • When possible walk! To school, friends’ houses, to the park


  • Take the stairs whenever they are available
  • RPE 6-8

Household activities (extra bonus points with mom and dad):

  • RPE 2-6
  • Clean your room
  • Vacuum the house
  • Unload and load the dishwasher or wash and put away dishes
  • Do laundry including folding and putting away

Tips for exercising

  1. Recruit a buddy and get your family involved
  2. Create a motivating play list of music
  3. Write down your goals and tape them to the mirror
  4. Set an alarm with a motivating message
  5. Use a pedometer to track your steps (add a free app to your phone – see below)

My Fitness Pal

  • Easy to use step counter
  • Meal tracker
  • Exercise tracker
  • Calculates total calories per day based on meals and exercise you input for the day
  • Can add friends to motivate each other
  • Additional recipes, health tips and custom reminders available

SWORKIT (“Simply Work It”)

  • Provides an app specific to kids “Sworkit Kids”
  • Pick how much time you have to spend and the app will walk you through an exercise routine

Nike Training

  • Provides a wide variety of workout routines
  • Allows you to pick and choose the type of work out you want and the amount of time to spend