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KP Santa Clara Tantau: 19000 Homestead Rd. Building 2, 1st Floor

By appointment only
Tuesday afternoons and once monthly on Thursday afternoon
New patients (average duration of appointment: 1.5 hour)
Returning patients (average duration of appointment: 45 minutes-1 hr)

To help children and teens aged 3-17 years old and their families make healthy lifestyle choices to ensure a healthy weight and habits for their lifetime.

A commitment from the child, plus parents and caregivers involved in the child’s environment, to try to adopt healthier lifestyle choices and habits.

We offer a variety of services depending on what you and your family need most. There are 4 choices, and you are welcome to enroll in the one that best fits your and your family’s situation. After 6 months you can also transition to a different option.

  1. HEAL Academy: A 6-month program with monthly group virtual workshops that cover the key aspects to making successful lifestyle changes. Currently offered every 4th Tuesday from 3:45-5:00p.m. with 15-20 minutes of physical activity, 5-10 minutes of mindfulness and meditation, and 20-30 minutes of education on a lifestyle topic (see HEAL Academy calendar for topics). These are fun, interactive, and help your child or teen learn in a group setting. You will have a telephone or video visit with a Health Educator at the beginning and end of the 6-month workshop series as well as at 9 and 12 months to monitor your progress. You may also add the Jr Chef cooking class option.
  2. HEAL Flex: A 6-month program with individualized visits with our multi-disciplinary team members 4x over a 6-month period, then a check-in with a Health Educator to discuss your goals for the next 6 months. We will help you build and maintain a healthy lifestyle by helping you develop personalized health goals for you and your family. This currently can be done via in-person office visits (assuming no illness/Covid symptoms) or a combination of in-person office visits and virtual video visits. This also includes a trial of one of our virtual classes (cooking class or HEAL Academy workshop).
  3. HEAL Total: A comprehensive 12-month program for patients and families who are really ready to commit to making lifestyle changes! This includes a combination of HEAL Academy and HEAL Flex. You will have sessions 2x/month with a combination of group virtual workshops as well as individualized lifestyle appointments (in-person and virtual) with our HEAL team to customize goals for you and your family.
  4. HEAL Jr Chef: A 6-month program with monthly virtual hands-on cooking classes (offered every 3rd Thursday of the month from 4:30-6:00p.m.). We start class by learning about a nutrition topic and then cook a meal/snack together, led by physicians. Note: Parents or adults need to be present to supervise. We encourage kids/teens/families to cook along with the class so they have a meal ready at the end (recipes are sent out 1 week ahead)! Anyone in the other HEAL options can join the Jr Chef classes.Note: we also offer adult virtual cooking classes—mature teens 16 years and up as well as parents are welcome to join those classes. Click here to find out more: Culinary Medicine Cook for Health Classes.


Action Plan and Goals

Nutrition Resources

Physical Activity

Get Moving

Fitness Apps

  • Sworkit Kids: 5 – 30-minute exercise routines for children 7-14 years old
  • Go Noodle: dance, yoga, and mindfulness for children 5-12 years old
  • Iron Kids (from American Academy of Pediatrics): 45-minute workouts for 8 years and older (cost: $3.99)
  • Just Dance Now: dance party exercise for 10 years and older
  • Zombies, Run!: running game for 12 years and older
  • NFL Play 60 (from American Heart Association): for 4 years and older
  • FitQuest Lite: exercise adventure powered by movement (e.g., jogging, hopping, dancing), moving unlocks more puzzles in the game

Dance Videos (For younger kids, 4-9 years)

Active Games (For younger kids, 4-9 years)

Be Mindful

Healthy Sleep

Other Resources


Allison Collins, MD
Pediatrician | HEAL Medical Director
Physical Health. Medical evaluation including weight, BMI, lab tests, physical exam, review, evaluation, and recommendations.

Hannah Toyama, PsyD
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body. Evaluation of motivation and challenges in the context of making healthy lifestyle changes. Stress management.

Neelam Singh, RD
Healthy Eating and Nutrition. Complete nutrition evaluation and goal setting for healthier food choices and quantities.

Donna Petersen, MPT
Physical Therapist
Strong Body, Healthy Heart. Assess physical activity and help create new exercise habits that will put child on a healthier track.

Brook Cook
Health Educator
Goal Setting for Change. Set SMART goals that will make change easier and more fun.

Laura Groen
Heal Support Team
Lifestyle Medicine and HEAL Program Assistant

Mayeanne Acosta
Heal Support Team
Lifestyle Medicine and HEAL Medical Assistant