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Mindful Eating

Often we find ourselves eating on the run, in front of our computers or TVs or when we are not hungry. Choosing to eat mindfully will not only bring our attention and focus to the present moment but it can help to bring back an appreciation and enjoyment of food.

Consider the following:

  • Have scheduled meals and snacks.
  • Plan ahead so that you do not get too hungry.
  • Plan to do other things when you want to eat but you are not hungry.
  • Stop eating at moderate fullness or when you are no longer hungry.
  • Eat at the kitchen table or at the place that is only for eating.
  • Don’t eat while watching TV or playing video games.
  • Consider what will help you enjoy the food and eating experience.

Ask yourself the following before eating.

  • Am I eating because I am hungry?
  • Is it mealtime?
  • Am I being triggered to eat because of the situation or because of my feelings?

Hunger Rating
Rate your hunger on a scale of 1-10 for each situation below.

  • ___ It has been four hours since my after-school snack and I am waiting for dinner.
  • ___ I am halfway through my packed lunch at school.
  • ___ I just got home from school and already ate my lunch, but I am ready for my snack.
  • ___ I ate everything on my dinner plate and then had a second helping.
  • ___ I finished all of my breakfast 20 minutes ago and am now going to school.