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Cardiac Rehabilitation

This program targets those with multiple cardiovascular disease risk factors and attempts to reduce those risk factors.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a highly effective rehabilitation program for cardiac patients. The program is designed to support these patients in recovering and achieving a healthier lifestyle. Designed and researched by Stanford’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program and Kaiser Permanente, the program helps lower multiple coronary risk factors so these patients can become fit and prevent another cardiac event.

What can members expect from the program?

  • A 2-hour class to discuss cardiac risk factors, heart-healthy eating and cholesterol education, home exercise program, stopping tobacco use, managing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Individualized professional care and advice from the Cardiac Rehab RN Care Manager
  • Periodic blood tests to check changes in blood cholesterol levels
  • Regular monthly telephone calls or emails to follow-up on progress for at least 6 months
  • Adjusting and managing blood pressure and cholesterol medications as needed
  • Self-help materials for risk factor reduction
  • Convenience of participating in comfort of their own home
  • No fees or co-pays for participation in program
  • Exercise prescription for home based exercise program for patient