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Teen Health Services

Our Kaiser Permanente pediatric clinic in Redwood City has doctors and mental health professionals who care for teen patients.

You can make your own appointment for confidential services and come in to see a doctor or mental health professional at Kaiser Permanente medical offices in Redwood City, by calling 650-299-2015. There is no copay for confidential visits.

In many cases, you’ll need a parent’s permission to get medical care. However, you can see a doctor without parental permission for confidential services. These may include:

  • pregnancy testing and pregnancy care
  • birth control, including emergency contraception
  • sexually transmitted infection (STI) immunizations
  • sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment, for you and your partner
  • alcohol or other drug use
  • some personal, school, family, or mental health issues

If you’re seen for a confidential service, in most cases your doctor can’t tell your parents anything about your exam. You can talk to your doctor or other medical professional about anything.

For example, you might:

  • Have questions about your health.
  • Wonder about your growth, body size, or weight.
  • Have questions about having sex.
  • Have questions about using tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.
  • Have problems with friends, school, or family.
  • Be scared for your safety.

You can trust your doctor or other medical professional. You may even find it easier to talk to your doctor than your parent. If they can’t help you, they’ll try to find someone who can.