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Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease (ID) is a specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of infections. ID specialists often evaluate patients who have health problems with unclear causes and are often called medical detectives because they are using various aspects of a patient’s history, physical exam, and testing to find a diagnosis. Doctors often consult ID specialists if a patient has a fever or other symptoms suggestive of an infection but has not improved after routine testing or treatment. Many times the cause can be due to infections, although not necessarily contagious. Examples of some types of problems seen by an ID physician include infections that occur after surgery; infections that are obscure but serious, such as endocarditis, which involves the heart valves; human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease; and tuberculosis. Contagious diseases occur infrequently, and you will not be exposed to these types of diseases by visiting us or being in our waiting room. ID specialists treat contagious diseases and help make sure these diseases don’t spread to other people.

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