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In the Health Education Department, we have resources and programs to help you maintain and improve your health and wellness. We offer classes and workshops on a wide range of health topics. At our Health Education Center locations, we offer you health information, products and resources in different languages on a variety of health conditions. Our wellness team of health professionals can help you learn healthy ways to eat, exercise, communicate, manage existing health conditions, take care of yourself and loved ones. They will coach and motivate you to succeed in programs that will get you on the right track to health and vitality.


Whether you are concerned with keeping healthy, coping with stress or managing a serious illness, you’ll find variety of programs and resources at your Health Education Department. Call or visit us, we are here to help you live well, be well and Thrive!

Healthy Lifestyle programs

We offer a variety of programs to help you and your family stay healthy.

Healthy Weight

Kaiser Permanente offers a wide range of resources to help you and your family achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Online Newsletter for Parents

Pregnant? New parent? Raising a child or teenager?

Health Education Center Locations

Fresno Medical Center
Clovis Medical Offices
Selma Medical Offices