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    JUN 07, 2018

    Hydrate for a healthy mile-high summer in Colorado

    Being out in the summer sun is delightful, but Colorado’s high-altitude heat can’t be ignored. The higher the altitude the thinner the air, which means that no matter what you’re doing your body has to work harder — making dehydration even more of a risk in the hot summer months. So one of the easiest ways to enjoy a safe and healthy summer is to make sure you get enough water. ... Read More >


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    APR 05, 2016

    How to keep kids safe outdoors this summer

    Get the facts on summertime safety ... Read More >


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    APR 05, 2016

    Tips for beating the southern heat in Georgia

    If you prefer outdoor workouts, getting exercise under the glare of the Georgia sun can be a grueling challenge. To make sure it doesn’t get the best of you, all you need are a few sensible safety precautions. ... Read More >