Predict out-of-pocket health costs before your appointment

FEB 07, 2017
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If you’re like most people these days, you’re keeping a close eye on your spending. You’re being smart and planning ahead. You’ve made sure to include health care in your budget, and you’re familiar with your typical out-of-pocket costs.


But what happens if you need another type of care?


Getting caught off guard by medical expenses isn’t unusual. In fact, over 67% of all U.S. health care consumers have been surprised by their out-of-pocket costs, and 85% say they would find it helpful to get cost estimates before treatment.* Luckily, there’s a convenient way to estimate the costs for upcoming care and services.


Get a personalized estimate with online tools


Many health care providers, including Kaiser Permanente, now offer treatment cost calculators designed to predict out-of-pocket costs ahead of time. Most will let you browse alphabetically by treatment and service types. The calculator will then show your likely out-of-pocket cost for that treatment or service.


The estimator is not a guarantee


While the estimate gives a general idea of what you’ll pay for a particular service, this number is not set in stone. What you actually pay may be somewhat higher or lower, depending on the care you receive.


Take advantage of these valuable tools and avoid an unnecessary financial surprise. You’ll be able to skip the stress and keep your focus on your health. To learn more about cost estimates, visit


*TransUnion Health Care Cost Survey (2015).

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